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Our Story

Stock Burger Co. was born out of the United Kingdom in 2015, with the original site built on the stylish seafront of Brighton Beach. At the time, we had the simple idea of bringing together two of our favourite things, Burgers and Beer, and combine them with a fun, upbeat and casual place to eat and drink. With that at the forefront of our mind, we went out and built not only a great restaurant serving quality burgers, but also a great bar where people could just as easily stop for a post-work drink.

We have always been and will always remain a fun, casual and upbeat restaurant and bar where you can come to dine alone, or with friends and family – it’s our brand promise, and it’s what we mean when we say ‘we are made of good stock’.

Our Food & Drink

Stock Burger Co.’s food and drink values were built on the simple premise that we love beer and we love burgers, and what’s more, we know how they complement each other.

We keep those values ‘in stock’ at each of our outlets, where you can expect a range of quality beers and freshly cooked hamburgers made from beef sourced from suppliers we know and trust.

Burgers Grilled to Order

Farm Assurance
Quality Beef

Signature Brioche Bun

Craft Beer

Our “Burger Builder”

Crafted Cocktails

Milkshakes &
Boozy Shakes

Sourced Locally
Where Possible

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